NEW TRACKS…Touring attempts

After some of the best and biggest shows i’ve done this year I just got to say thanks to everyone thats helped, taken part and made it a unique experience and shows…Been on a small hiatus over the summer due to no money coming in and generally needing to sort out life. Neither worked, so its time to get the fuck on with it.

I recorded a new record and will be releasing it hopefully by the end of this year (it still requires a bit more mixing). So I have two tracks out there off the new record, still not finished so no downloads and I might take them down after a month once they are properly mixed. But as a teaser of what you can expect click below. I got to say that other tracks will contain other instrumentation, vocals and be the real hits.

Digital release to begin with then only on Vinyl (Once I can afford it). 


In November/December i’m trying to put together a UK tour. I have only attempted the UK once and I understand the logistical nightmare of putting on this project, so as always pay me in peanuts and concentrate on your show. I don’t want people stressing about money for all your efforts.

So if your interested in a show mail me;

Currently touring the Ensemble and Music for 26 Guitars.

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