First review…….and distro yo!

So the record went to Norman records last week and is now
available to buy from their site. They even kindly wrote a very
generous review of the record giving the fucker 5 out of 5!!!!!!
Here is the link to the site:

And here is a very generous review!!!!

“This is a pretty astounding sounding record. Taking time off from his main band Action Beat, PJT has assembled a contemporary UK “guitar army” in the vein of ol’ Noisy bastard Glenn Branca’s NY outfit. ‘Mate’ is the result. A taut, wiry collision of furious and mighty monotone guitar thrash & some seriously insane Steve Shelley-esque drum abuse. This incredibly fine record reminds you of what it is like to get caught right in the eye of a prime SY maelstrom or the culmination of an Action Beat curated aural tornado. This is rock music on a very pure, electrifying plain. Forceful, intelligent, relentless, euphoric & very loud. But with the source ingredients being relatively minimal, you’re getting all the uncluttered detail. Just galloping, driving drums & walls of fierce guitars that slice up and down the side of your face like the most brutal biting wind. Put this vicious fucker on and you’ll get forced right slam into the back of your sofa, such is the velocity & fury of this very righteous rock. Power on boys. Stellar line-up also includes memebers of House of John Player & Hired Muscle!”

In other news MUGSTAR have just confirmed to play our second gig at
the new venue in town!!!! So expect some more details in the coming


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